Ask your family, friends, coworkers - EVERYONE! - to donate to our organization.

Visit the S.L.E.C. Snack Shop - Munchies on the Move

Located at the front desk, stop by for a chocolate bar or a bag of nuts!

Loose Change Jar

We are Loonie for your Toonies! Contribute to our Jar - pennies welcome!

Canadian Tire Money

Bring in your Candian Tire money - we can use the money to puchase supplies!

S.L.E.C. Mugs

Stop by and purchase an official SLEC coffee mug!

Your support is valued and important to further our mission in providing a nurturing and stimulating setting for our clients. You can support Seniors Life Enhancement Centres with monetary donations or gifts in kind. Tax deductible donations will issued for receipts of $20 or more.

In Memory of Our Friends Donations:  In lieu of flowers upon the passing of our SLEC friends, we welcome donations by family and friends.  Please contact our Executive Director, Heidi Yerxa for more information.

Contact Us

Our Charitable Registration Number is : 896004223RR0001